Three ways to comunicate sending online SMS

by John Wayne

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When we hire a massive SMS service we should know that we have to start communicating from the very first moment. If there isn’t a strategy or a plan to follow is difficult because we wouldn’t know how to act. For this reason, we want to offer you a little introductory map for getting some knowledge about what should be the best way to start our massive SMS strategy.

There are a lot of servers in the net and we have to trust those that give us a good service. One of them could be Esendex, with many years I the industry and a cheap price you can have a free trial that offers us a large number of SMS that will help us starting with online SMS.

The main thing is to decide if we can give offers, discounts or coupons. If we have the change to communicate directly with our clients, we can offer them our new available products as well as the cheap prices or the discounts in some occasions. This is a way to point out and create an interest in the user. If the client knows that he could receive SMS with offers and promotions, the other massive SMS will be more accepted. We can’t abuse of it that’s why we have to leave a certain time between SMS campaigns (once a month, for example).

Any client likes to buy for a special price but he doesn’t want to be pushed from time to time to buy something. For this reason, we have to leave a certain time between campaigns to communicate with offers and special promotions because then, these campaigns will be more effective and they will give you good conversions and ROI in a very short time.

Another way to start our communication strategy sending SMS can be with invitations and compliments. We can start our strategy in concrete dates like Christmas,New Year, summer, etc. and this way we will generate a correct engagement. A personalized birthday card is a very effective technique that you should think about once a year. On the other hand, if we organize an event, a conference or any kind of meeting, we can use SMS service through Internet to send invitations to our users. This way, our invitations will get to the client in an effective and correct way.

Finally, as a third option, we can stand up for an automatic service of rememberings, stages of order or any punctual notification that could be interesting for our clients. It’s very important to anticipate and inform our clients about something very interesting for them. Having an informed client is basically having a good client because nowadays that’s a very difficult thing. Thanks to this information about services and tools in massive SMS we can have a faithful client.

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