£5 SIM only contracts

by John Wayne

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Your present mobile phone contract is going to expire, but you’re unhappy using the service they offer. You shouldn’t sign another contract together, but additionally shouldn’t change to another company which will pressure you to definitely pay a free phone and sign an costly, lengthy-term contract. Now it’s a fantastic time to consider your options such as sim card only deal, just pick the one that suits your needs.

NetworkDealMinutesTextsDataContract TypeMonthly costGo to deal
Orange SIM Only Deals150 Minutes500 Texts250MB Data12 Months£7.00
Virgin SIM Only Deals125 Minutes2500 Texts250 MB Data1 Month£7.00
T-mobile SIM Only Deals300 MinutesUnlimited Texts-12 Months£8.00
Three SIM Only Deals300 Minutes3000 Texts1GB Data12 Months£10.00
Three SIM Only Deals100 Minutes3000 Texts1GB Data1 Month£10.00
Virgin SIM Only Deals250 Minutes2500 Texts500 MB Data1 Month£10.00
Vodafone SIM Only Deals300 MinutesUnlimited Texts-12 Months£10.50
Vodafone SIM Only Deals100 MinutesUnlimited Texts-1 Month£10.50
Vodafone SIM Only Deals100 MinutesUnlimited Texts-Months£10.50
Vodafone SIM Only Deals150 MinutesUnlimited Texts-3 Months£10.50
Vodafone SIM Only Deals100 MinutesUnlimited Texts100MB Data3 Months£10.50
O2 SIM Only Deals300 MinutesUnlimited Texts-12 Months£10.50
O2 SIM Only Deals100 MinutesUnlimited Texts-1 Month£10.50
T-mobile SIM Only Deals100 MinutesUnlimited Texts-12 Months£10.50
Orange SIM Only Deals300 MinutesUnlimited Texts500MB Data12 Months£10.50
Orange SIM Only Deals50 MinutesUnlimited Texts100MB Data1 Month£10.50
Orange SIM Only Deals200 MinutesUnlimited Texts100MB Data12 Months£10.50
Orange SIM Only Deals100 MinutesUnlimited Texts250MB Data12 Months£10.50
Orange SIM Only Deals100 MinutesUnlimited Texts-12 Months£10.50


You will find many cheap Sim only contracts available, that are good options to signing a extended contract having a company that you might not be happy with after signing. Should you aren’t acquainted with Sim only contracts, you might be amazed at just how they work. Instead of signing a lengthy-term contract having a cell phone company and becoming a totally free phone, you utilize your present phone and just invest in that company for 30-days. In the finish from the month, you can keep with this company or, if you’re unhappy, change to another company with no charges or penalties. You don’t get a free phone when registering for any sim card only deal however, as they say, “nothing in existence is free of charge.” You have to pay for your free phone during the period of your extended contract, rich in regular bills. Additionally to costing you less, an additional advantage of keeping your present phone is you do not have to make contact with all your buddies and family with a brand new telephone number since you keep the old number together with your phone. To be able to have the ability to make use of your old phone using the new provider, you’ll get a new sim, which will help you to connect with that company’s mobile network. If you’re not acquainted with sim cards, it’s a small memory that consists of the required information to permit the mobile user accessibility mobile network. A Sim is specific to the organization giving choice, should you switch companies, you may need a new sim. You just remove your old card and change it using the brand new one. In case your phone is related for your old network, you may want to get the phone unlocked, that is relatively simple with information located on the internet.

  • One of the best deals at this moment is the £5 SIM only contract from Orange on a 12 month term. This is a fantastic plan for all customers but in particular those who use the Internet as it is the only tariff that offers data in this price range. The amount of data is also an attraction as 250MB is more than enough for most smartphone users.
  • It’s also worth pointing out the 1 Month offer from Virgin for just £7.00 on a 30 days contract, this is a great way to test the quality of the service without committing to a long term deal, so you can always change your mind.
  • Finally, T-Mobile offer a 300 Minutes, with Unlimited texts and for just £8.00. The only downside is that you would need to sign a 12 months contract to access this deal.

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