How to recover your PIN number from a SIM card

by John Wayne

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Recovering your personal identification number from a SIM card is not too difficult. When you buy a cell phone companies phone give a SIM card to us. This card would be to work with the phone network and to keep our contacts. The SIM card, also referred to as processor, includes a set of PIN and PUK codes called which are printed on the envelope where in fact the SIM card is delivered. The PIN is the personal identification number of the SIM card and can be used in order to avoid making use of the processor without the owner’s permission. The PIN serves also to perform particular functions such as for example blocking calls to undesirable numbers and in some instances just like blackberry, used make it possible for messaging services between users. If you lose the PIN code of your telephone and want it straight back, now you know you must do. Then we’ll let you know just how to regain the SIM card personal identification number.

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If you need to perform an activity that needs you to enter the PIN code, remember that only accounts with 3 attempts and 3 are unsuccessful if the SIM card is blocked, consequently it is recommended to help keep the PIN code that came with the SIM card or you alter it by way of a number that is an easy task to consider. In the event that you lost the envelope or the SIM card holder, take into account that some chips have the codes printed on the rear. Or even the case, you need to request it from the operating business to which belonged the processor you bought.

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In the event that you failed all three attempts code input signal PIN of your SIM card The following option is. The three attempts fail PIN Your SIM card will be blocked temporarily and will request PUK code entry. This code differences PIN code is two times as large has 8 digits.
This code like PIN code is printed on the envelope or card holder at the time of purchase the processor. Some SIM cards will also be printed on the rear. The maximum number of attempts allowed for entering PUK code is 8 or 10 based on the producer of the SIM card. By passing the most login attempts PUK code SIM card is disabled.


The PIN and PUK are unique to your SIM card and consequently the possible lack of these keys will perhaps not influence the operation of your mobile phone, purchasing a brand new SIM card your computer can be used by you again. Nevertheless, the contacts which were kept in the old SIM card stay locked and soon you enter the proper codes. Also, the PIN and PUK of the SIM card could be ordered from the phone company that is one of the processor so long as you might be the dog owner. You will need to keep the envelope or card holder SIM card to prevent this annoyance.

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