Free O2 SIM card

by John Wayne

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o2-Sim-only-cardGreat news! O2 are giving away up to 2 free sim cards per household, but please hurry up this is just a limited offer. Getting 2 free sim cards from O2 is great if you want to keep in touch with your friends and family. Additional information on the offer below.


more detailsWhenever you use the internet on your phone, you’re using data. Whether it’s browsing the web, sending an email, or watching a TV programme. Downloading and using apps will also take a slice out of your data allowance. Watching videos on YouTube and streaming music tend to use quite a bit of data, but using Twitter or Facebook and browsing the internet in general uses a lot less.

What does my allowance mean?

Here’s a bit of a breakdown to show you what you can do with your data allowance.





Send emails (no attachments)*




Visit a site (Twitter or a blog)




Visit rich content sites (BBC, Guardian)




Watch youtube (4.5 mins long video)




*Remember – this is not inclusive. You can’t send 250,000 emails and watch 30 YouTube videos when you’ve got a 250MB Data allowance. But you can mix it up. For example, by only watching 15 videos you could then still send 125,000 emails… Make sense?
No data?

If you go over your allowance, we’ll send you a message to let you know and your connection speed will slow down.

Without any data you can still use the internet on your mobile with our Web Daily service, but you won’t be able to use all your phone’s features, like visual voicemail on iPhone or BlackBerry email. With Web Daily you can use up to 50MB a day without ever being charged more than £1 a day.
Keep track of your allowance

The best way of tracking how much data you’ve used is by going to your My O2 account. This will show you how many megabytes (MB) you have left. You can also add on a data Bolt On if you want to increase your data usage.

And remember, Wi-Fi does not count towards your data allowance. So switch to Wi-Fi whenever you can to save on your data usage. Why not see if there is an O2 Wi-Fi hotspot near you.


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